Janalent partners with the world's leading software vendors, platform providers, hardware manufacturers and system integrators to provide best-in-class solutions that meet the unique business and technology goals of our customers.

Our partners choose Janalent to provide the highest level of subject matter expertise for many of their high-visibility, complex projects. Janalent chooses partners who provide the technologies used for our world-class solutions.

Building strong alliances is key to collaboration and instrumental in Janalent's strategy, growth and company philosophy. Creating successful partnerships benefits our clients and the teams that serve them.

One central reason we believe that we have had such an incredibly strong track-record building and maintaining our partnerships is that the idea of partnership is part of the "DNA" of Janalent. It is part of our philosophy and core to our operating principles. Our partners enjoy a true give-get relationship with Janalent that is beneficial not only to themselves, but also to their customers.